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2019 Festival – Beer lists now available

Our beer festival is fast approaching. We think we had a great line-up of beers last year and we have tried to match that this year.

We have beers from many places in the country, some from less than two miles away and some from well over 400 miles away. Kent & Sussex beers, beers from Wales & Scotland, beers representing both the Red & the White Rose, beers from major cities and beers from tiny hamlets. Beers from established brewers and from really new brewers, and beers from brewers newly back into cask.

And there is not just variety of source but of style as well. Bitters, stouts & porters for the more traditional palate, session beers for those taking it easy. Pales with hops from many different countries for a variety of interesting flavours including single hop beers. Several gluten free beers, and a number of speciality beers for those who want to stretch their taste buds with flavour combinations that are new and that are old.

And for the first time we have a keg bar with some really great beers.

We hope we have something for everyone. Come on down and try them!

Beer festival details. Beer lists.