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Launch of Bromley Pub Walks

Why not walk to the pub this summer?

To coincide with CAMRA’s Summer of Pub campaign, Bromley CAMRA has now launched the first phase of the ‘Bromley Pub Walks’, a series of simple guides to assist members to take self-guided walks between some of the many excellent pubs in the rural parts of Bromley.

The guides to 18 routes have now been published, with a further 10 routes to be added during the next few weeks.

There are many miles of footpaths and more than 30 pubs and clubs in the ‘rural’ areas of Bromley, plus a few more pubs ‘just over the border’ in Kent and Surrey. Bromley CAMRA has now identified a network of more than 30 paths and tracks which link them all together.

All of the Bromley and Kent pubs are accessible by public transport on at least 6 days of the week, so it’s really easy for drinkers and walkers to get to and from these excellent establishments without having to use a car, to get out into the fresh air, take some exercise and enjoy a drink or two.

The individual routes range in distance from less than a mile to about 4 miles, and it's possible to link several of the routes together to make longer circular or one-way walks.

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The guides now available cover the area bounded by Hayes Station, Keston, Biggin Hill, Cudham, Pratts Bottom and Farnborough. Seven of the routes include the attractive village of Downe, with its two pubs.

There is also a comprehensive general information sheet about walking in the area and a list of the pubs and clubs which can be reached by walking the Bromley Pub Walks network.

You can see all the Bromley Pub Walks information on the branch website at: