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Beer Festival now on at The Bricklayers Arms (Beckenham)

The Bricklayers Arms beer festival is now in progress.   Bromley CAMRA have a social there on Monday evening (Dec 2nd).   In addition to the pub’s regular beers, the following will be available:

Box Steam Handlebar 4.4%
Hogs Back TEA 4.2%
Ringwood Boondoggle 4.2%
Theakston Old Peculier 5.6%
Bexley Own Beer 4.2%
Southey Stout 5.5%
Hepworth Pullman First Class 4.2%
Reunion Opening Gambet 3.8%
Westerham British Bulldog 4.1%
West Berkshire Good Old Boy 4%
Adnams Broadside 4.7%
Old Dairy Blue Top 4.8%
Courage Directors 4.8%