Bromley Branch Festivals

Bromley Branch Beer & Cider festival news.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the planned July 2020 Beer & Cider Festival has been cancelled.

This is announced with deep regret as volunteers have already put a lot of their time into organising this. But we have to be pragmatic. Even if the nation returns to something like normal as we move into July, it is obvious that the volunteers and suppliers we need will not be there to make the festival a success. We must also recognise that the date of 23 July is too soon in the present lockdowns to guarantee that customers will feel able to go out and enjoy themselves.

Following CAMRA advice, we are not rescheduling our festival for later this year. It is very hard to know when things will be back to normal, and CAMRA is concerned that it can’t fit in a large number of festivals at the end of the year if a great number of branches decided to do this. As well as overcrowding the market, this would place too much of a burden on volunteers and equipment supplies. We have therefore decided as a branch that we will postpone our festival to July 2021.

One good thing is that having approved our festival business plan for 2020, CAMRA has said it will conditionally approve our plans for 2021, so not quite back to square one. The dates next year will probably be the 22nd to the 24th July 2021. So put it into your diary and let’s make 2021 the best festival ever!

I would like to thank all our volunteers who put their names forward. I would also like to thank the Festival Organising Committee for the good work they have put in for 2020. It’s not all been in vain as we have learnt a lot about the processes while working together as a team. I hope you will return to give your support in 2021.

Please contact the Festival Coordinator with any questions or comments.

Charles Tucker – Festival Coordinator