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Bromley CAMRA Committee Posts, Contact email, Vacancies

One of the strengths of Bromley CAMRA is that we operate with a large and active committee, typically numbering around 20 persons. Election to the committee takes place annually at the AGM.  We are all volunteers, so inevitably over time there is a turnover of committee members and as a result there are almost always some vacancies.   The table below shows the posts where there are current vacancies ( or vacancies coming up because the current post-holder wishes to stand down).   If you would like to stand for any Committee post, please email Branch Contact at the address in the table below, requesting information and a Nomination form. You can also use our contact form.

If you don’t see a vacancy that takes your fancy, but are interested in getting involved with Bromley CAMRA  anyway, we would also be delighted to hear from you.

If you have ideas or issues relating to a specific Committee activity, please send an email, using the most appropriate email address(es) listed below.  

For some of the posts below, previous and current post-holders have described the work in their own words in this document.

It is the policy of Bromley CAMRA not to publish committee members’ private email addresses but you can be assured that your message will reach the appropriate person.

POST (highlight = vacancy)E-Mail - all are @bromley.camra.org.ukVacant?FromDetails of post
Branch Chair (There is a rota of ACTING Chairs for 2024/5)chairYesNowCould you be the person to enthuse branch members to participate in branch activities?
As the Chair you’d lead the branch, helping to set its direction and encourage local CAMRA members to get involved and enjoy branch activities.
For more information click here
Branch Vice Chairvice.chairAre you well-organised and dependable? As your Branch’s Vice Chair you’ll support the Chair and deputise in their absence. For more information click here
Branch Contactbranch.contactThis role is part of the Branch Chair's duties, though the Chair will often delegate it to the Secretary or another member (usually of the committee)
Branch SecretarysecretaryAre you well- organised and interested in the smooth running of your CAMRA branch? Each branch needs a Secretary to prepare for meetings and to help with running the branch.
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Membership SecretarymembershipAre you organised and keen to put your skills to good use to help your local CAMRA branch? As Membership Secretary you’d be responsible for recruiting and welcoming new members, helping to retain them and encouraging them to take part in local CAMRA activities.
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Branch TreasurertreasurerAre you good with numbers and want to help your local CAMRA Branch?As Treasurer you can use your abilities to keep the branch accounts up-to-date, help the branch run smoothly and acquire new skills.
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Branch Examiner (auditor)examinerAre you good at scrutinising information, do you have an eye for detail and could you spare a few evenings for a week or so? Each branch needs an Accounts Examiner to scrutinise its financial records, accounts and the report prepared for the AGM in good time for the Treasurer to present it.
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Social Secretarysocial.secretaryDo you like organising events and visiting different pubs, clubs, breweries and beer festivals? You could help local CAMRA members enjoy themselves as their Social Secretary.
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Pub Protection officerppWould you like to protect pubs in your area and campaign to keep them from change or closure? You can help your local CAMRA branch as their Pub Protection Officer.
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Pub Data Co-ordinator (inc WhatPub feedback)pubinfoDo you have an eye for detail? Would you like to use your abilities to provide good information for users of WhatPub for the pubs and clubs in your branch area? As Pubs Data Co-ordinator for your branch, you’d collect up-to-date information on pubs and clubs and maintain it within CAMRA’s information database.
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Pub Promotions & Awards Co-ordinatorppacWould you like to be involved with promoting pubs and raising CAMRA’s profile? As Pub Promotions and Awards Co-ordinator you’d work with a team of volunteers keeping in contact with pubs, arranging pub awards, encouraging pub visits and promoting LocAle.
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Festival Co-ordinator (this will be for 2025, but waiting for the 2025 AGM to fill this post is too late)festival.coordinatorYesNowThis role would suit someone who would like to use their organisation skills leading a multi-faceted event. Purpose of the role:To organise a beer festival in accordance with CAMRA's rules and policy documents.
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Website Co-ordinatorwebmasterDo you have an interest in designing and maintaining informative and attractive websites? As Website Co-ordinator (Webmaster) you can help promote your branch and its successes.
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Beer Scores Co-ordinatorbeerscoresAre you interested in helping to locate and compare great quality beers? As Beer Scores Co-ordinator you would encourage branch members to submit beer scores via the National Beer Scoring System (NBSS) for pubs and clubs within your branch area, analyse them and present information to the branch for deciding annual
nominations for the Good Beer Guide, and other purposes.
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Social Media Co-ordinatorsocial.mediaDo you enjoy communicating on social media? As your branch’s Social Media Co-ordinator you can help to raise the branch profile, promote its activities and champion its successes.
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Newsletter Editornewsletter.editorDo you have a flair for writing, an eye for detail and possibly publishing knowledge or skills that could help your branch? As the Newsletter Editor you can promote CAMRA and your branch in pubs and clubs with interesting and appealing articles, news and pictures.
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Good Beer Guide Submissions Co-ordinatorgbgWould you like to take charge of your branch’s selection process for submission of pubs and clubs for inclusion in the Good Beer Guide? CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide (GBG) is the definitive publication for finding the very best beers. Every branch needs somebody to organise the selection process - you could make it happen for your branch.
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Public Affairs Contactpublic.affairsAre you interested in using your influence for the good of the Campaign? The purpose of the role is to engage with local Councillors, MPs and other political representatives within your branch boundaries to support CAMRA's local and national campaigns.
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Media ContactYesNowWould you like to help your branch and also develop your media and PR skills?
As the Media Contact you’d promote CAMRA activities and campaigns for your branch area.
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Pub & Club Contact BR1BR1

The purpose of the Pub and Club Contact roles is to be a representative for the members of CAMRA and pubs within their designated area of the Branch.
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Pub & Club Contact BR2BR2
Pub & Club Contact BR3BR3
Pub & Club Contact BR4BR4
Pub & Club Contact BR5BR5
Pub & Club Contact BR6BR6
Pub & Club Contact BR7BR7YesNow
Pub & Club Contact SE19 / SE20SE20
Pub & Club Contact Biggin Hill, Downe, CudhamTN16
Additional posts not currently active
Cider RepresentativeThe cider representative encourages, promotes, and campaigns for real cider and perry at branch level (and beyond if inclined). For more information click here.
Young Members ContactCould you activate young people to join in the Campaign? As the Young Members’ Contact you could help to recruit young members, arrange social activities for them and engage with local students to promote real ale and cider.
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