Bromley CAMRA Pub Walks

Enjoy a healthy walk in the countryside and visit some excellent pubs en-route

Bromley Pub Walks

There are many miles of footpaths in the rural parts of Bromley borough. These areas also contain several pubs and even a few clubs; Bromley CAMRA has now identified a network of more than 30 paths and tracks which link them all together.

There are more than 30 pubs and clubs in the ‘rural’ areas of Bromley, plus a few more ‘just over the borders’ in Kent and Surrey. All of the Bromley and Kent pubs are accessible by public transport on at least 6 days of the week, so it’s really easy for drinkers and walkers to get to and from these excellent establishments, to get out into the fresh air, take some exercise and enjoy a drink or two.

Bromley CAMRA is publishing a series of brief guides to each of these walks, which range in distance from less than a mile to about 4 miles. The Bromley Pub Walk Guides will briefly describe the route and terrain, list the pubs/clubs that you can visit, and provide information about public transport.

The guides for Route Numbers 1 to 30 were published in 2019. Further guides are being prepared and will be added to the website in later phases of this project; these will cover routes which cross the border into Bexley, Kent and Surrey.

  • Introduction and essential information ( link)

  • Diagrammatic map showing the routes ( link)

  • Index of the routes with links to the individual walk guides (not all yet available) ( link)

  • List of the pubs and clubs on the routes ( link)

  • Some suggestions to make longer walks (or ‘crawls’) by linking several of the routes together to make a circular or one way linear walk (Still in preparation)

For more information about Bromley Pub Walk Guides, or if you have any comments or questions please send an email to

The Bromley Pub Walks team would welcome assistance in preparing further routes for the walking guides.  So, if you enjoy walking, visiting pubs and have a few hours to spare, why not join us? More information is available here