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Participate in our beer scoring and help choose our Good Beer Guide Entries.

Beer Scoring

What is beer scoring?

Bromley CAMRA, like most other branches, uses beer scoring as the primary means of identifying pubs and clubs for possible inclusion in the Good Beer Guide.  Members are encouraged to record and submit a score every time they drink real ale or real cider/perry in a pub, bar or club.

Every year we receive several thousand scores from members.  In most years scores are submitted for all of the known real ale pubs and eligible clubs in our branch area.

We need to receive as many scores as possible for each pub/club, from as many members as possible, throughout the whole year. We can’t receive too many scores!  For a pub or club to be eligible for consideration for inclusion in the Good Beer Guide, Bromley CAMRA requires that during the year it must receive:

  • At least 10 scores, and;
  • Scores from not less than 5 members, and;
  • Scores recorded in not less than 4 different calendar months


How to submit your beer scores

At Bromley CAMRA branch meetings and socials there is always a score sheet available for members to enter their scores. However members can submit scores at any time for any pub, bar or club in Bromley, or indeed anywhere in the UK via WhatPub, or the GBG App. You can even submit your scores whilst you are still in the pub by using WhatPub or the App on a mobile device.



The National Beer Scoring Scheme (NBSS) is a 0-5 point scale for judging beer quality in pubs. The published guidance on scoring is as follows, you may also submit ‘half scores’ when appropriate, eg 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 etc:


0. No cask ale available
1. Poor Beer that is anything from barely drinkable to drinkable with considerable resentment
2. Average Competently kept, drinkable pint but doesn’t inspire in any way, not worth moving to another pub but you drink the beer without really noticing
3. Good Good beer in good form. You may cancel plans to move to the next pub. You want to stay for another pint and may seek out the beer again
4, Very Good Excellent beer in excellent condition
5. Perfect Probably the best you are ever likely to find. A seasoned drinker will award this score very rarely


Members are encouraged to score beers to reflect how it has been kept, ie its condition, rather than whether it is a style of beer that you enjoy.

More information about beer scoring is available on the CAMRA national website via this link.

If you have any questions about beer scoring in Bromley please send an email to beerscores@bromley.camra.org.uk