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There are many miles of footpaths in the rural parts of Bromley borough. These areas also contain many pubs and clubs; Bromley CAMRA has  identified a network of paths and tracks which link them together.

Walks in Bromley

Route No.From: (or to)To: (or from)Approx. KmApprox. Miles 
1Hayes (Station)Keston2.11.3Link
2KestonLeaves Green5.53.5Link
3KestonLeaves Green3.92.5Link
6Leaves GreenDowne4.42.75Link
7Leaves GreenFarnborough4.83Link
10FarnboroughPratts Bottom6.74.2Link
11DowneGreen St Green3.62.25Link
12DownePratts Bottom5.63.5Link
14DowneBerrys Green2.71.7Link
15DowneBiggin Hill (Black Horse)3.12Link
16Berrys GreenBiggin Hill (Black Horse)2.91.8Link
17Berrys GreenBiggin Hill (Aperfield)2.21.4Link
18Berrys GreenCudham2.41.5Link
19CudhamPratts Bottom4.52.8Link
20Green St GreenPratts Bottom6.33.9Link
21Petts WoodFarnborough5.53.4Link
22Petts WoodChislehurst4.52.9Link
23Petts WoodScadbury Park5.73.6Link
24Pratts BottomChelsfield Village2.61.6Link
25Knockholt StnPratts Bottom2.11.3Link
26Knockholt StnChelsfield (Maypole)1.71.1Link
27Chelsfield (Bo Peep)Chelsfield Village1.20.75Link
28Chelsfield StationChelsfield Village1.51Link
30Chislehurst StationScadbury Park5.63.5Link

Routes 50-56 and 60-63 are expected to be available in Spring 2020.